Friday, December 31, 2010

What Was Your Best Investment This Year?

I just finished crunching the numbers in the my year-end portfolio analysis, and overall things went pretty well in 2010.  Aside from dividends, I purchased the bulk of my securities in the first half of this year, so with the latest market rally, almost everything is up (JNJ and being my biggest loser). 

My best performer of the year however, was that wonderful beverage company...

YTD, including reinvested dividends, Coca Cola has returned 21.86%! 

I'm still going to hold my position, reinvesting dividends and adding when the price drops (it's a bit pricey at the moment) but it's always fun to see some real returns, even if they are only short term. 

Who was your best performancer of the year?  What was your return?  I'm interested to hear about the successes of my fellow investors and bloggers! 

Have a great New Year's everyone!  To a Happy, Healthy, and Profitable 2011!

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  1. I too bought JNJ, hasn't been the best performer, but then I wasn't expecting it to either! The best performer was CTSH this year.