Thursday, December 30, 2010

Free Retirement Planning E-Book Available

I recently came across a great opportunity to download a free e-book over at FiveCentNickel.  The book available is "Unveiling the Retirement Myth" by Jim C. Otar, a certified financial planner from Toronto.  It has garnered some good reviews over at Amazon, where it sells for $49.99.

I'm not entirely certain why this book is being offered for free, but I would recommend you take advantage of the offer.  The e-book can be found here

Don't forget to thank Nickel for this great find!


  1. Hey thanks for the tip! I kept looking at the kindle section - it's being offered as a pdf download, which is even better!

  2. You have a kindle? It's always interested me a bit more than the ipad / tablet market, since they all just seem like an overgrown phones to me. How do you like it?